If you qualify, an old age pension can be paid to you in Canada but cannot be transferred as a lump sum.  For more information or to apply, see https://www.gov.uk/state-pension-if-you-retire-abroad. Before you claim your pension. If you have not already done so, you should investigate making additional lump sum contributions so that you could enjoy a higher pension payment.

You should also be aware that once the state pension starts to pay out, the amount you get is what you are going to get for the rest of your life while in Canada. Unfortunately, residents of Canada (and some other Commonwealth countries) do not enjoy the annual cost of living increase that pensioners in the UK get.

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Did You Know?

Some pension amounts are defined as “Trivial” and you can cash them in.

Right now, but subject to change, if the total lump sum value of your UK Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension plans is £30,000 or less you can withdraw the Defined Benefits amounts in cash and bring it to Canada.
Did You Know?

Not every UK pension is eligible for transfer.

There are two major exceptions: The first is the old age or state pension and the second is any unfunded pension plan (often provided by the Public Sector e.g. National Health Service, Teachers, Civil Service, Police, Military).
Did You Know?

If you are going to retire in Canada and you have a Defined Contribution Pension in the UK, life might be better if you transfer the funds to Canada.

If you leave your plan in the UK and it comes into payment, you will normally be paid in British pounds. You will have all the hassle and expense of converting every payment to dollars.